About us

Vinestor is a leading supplier of alcoholic beverages to the Norwegian market. We import wine, beer and other beverages from producers all over the world and sell the products through Vinmonopolet and to customers such as hotels, restaurants, bars and others with a liquor license.


Our main focus is on wine and we offer one of the market's widest selections from over 300 quality producers in around 20 countries. We cover all the classic wine areas and at the same time are always looking for wine from new and exciting areas to meet Norwegians' growing wine interest and curiosity.


Our history as a wine importer started in 1997 and today Vinestor is the parent company for a few wholly owned import companies (Vinarius, Collective Wines *, Vinum and Trulli Wines). Vinestor provides several joint services in addition to the sales team towards Horeca being organized under Vinestor and selling wines across the portfolio. The relationship with the producers is followed up by the individual import companies.


In 2020, Vinestor established a collaboration with Ole Martin Alfsen through the 50/50 owned company OMA Vin AS and Vinestor also has a subsidiary in Sweden, Vinestor Sweden AB.


Vinestor AS is owned by Katalysator AS, which in turn is owned by the Møller and Schage Førde family's company Aars AS. Through Aars AS, the family also owns i.a. Møller Bil og Møller Eiendom.